Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Global Warming Book Says Time Is Running Out

Former Guardian environment correspondent Paul Brown has written a book on global warming which is titled Global Warning: The Last Chance for Change. It documents that there is little time left to flip the switch from increasing greenhouse gas emissions to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale if we are to avoid a likely catastrophic change in climate. This looks like a book that every top executive at ExxonMobil should read cover to cover.

Here is a brief excerpt:
The phrase "tipping point" is heard a lot more from scientists. This is where a small amount of warming sets off unstoppable changes, for example the melting of the ice caps. Once the temperature rises a certain amount then all the ice caps will melt. The tipping point in many scientists' view is the 2˚C [about 4˚F] rise that the EU has adopted as the maximum limit that mankind can risk. Beyond that, as unwelcome changes in the earth's reaction to extra warmth continue, it is theoretically possible to trigger runaway climate change, making the earth's atmosphere so different that most of life would be threatened.

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